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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

masterpiece x harris tweed, japan only shoulder bag.

back in december i posted this cry for help

well guess what ? my friend rob pulled a few strings and got his japanese
friends on the case.

a few days before christmas this package turned up at whitfield towers
this is a pretty lengthy post just to show you a bag, but the reason for so
many photos is to show what i love about style and design.
there are so many things to note, from the amazing details on the bag itself
to differences in packaging and the quality that japan seems to use all 
the way through the process.

for instance the package arrived at whitfield towers 3 days after being 
posted in tokyo on 18th december... right in the middle
of the busiest period of the year for the postal service.
not only was the postal service top notch, but the envelope it arrived in was
so good that i can't bring myself to throw it away. 
you know how sometimes you get something through the post from within
the uk and the envelope is torn or with a soggy bit that spoils what's inside ?
well the j-envelope seems to be tearproof and even waterproof.
it may even be bulletproof !

inside the big white ( top quality ) envelope was this
a very nice tote bag. big enough for gym kit and a towel, or for
taking to the beach.

printed on the bag was a bit of j-english

inside the tote bag was this
what do you call this ? a dust bag ? a drawstring bag ?

i like the way it was tied up 
with black and gold ribbon... even the ends of the ribbon were finished nicely

and inside that bag was...
a clear plastic bag with... what's that stuck to it ?

a really high quality almost metallic sticker
holding a tasty little black envelope in place.
the black envelope as you can see had branding and a slogan etched into it.

inside the envelope
was a plastic card... a guarantee card

which had been filled out presumably by the shop assistant in tokyo
hopefully if you click on the photo you will be able to read the small print

and at last... the reveal !
my limited edition shibuya, masterpiece x harris tweed bag.
only available in japan, now representing n7.

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