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Thursday, 16 February 2012

film review: melancholia

next in my series of reviews of dvd movies, melancholia.
much as i tried to like this, i found it to be the worst film i've seen in ages.

on the positive side i liked the slow-motion pieces and i thought the music was great.

on the negative side i really disliked the hand-held camerawork and it pretty
much seemed like i was a guest at the worst wedding of all time.
i don't think there was one person in this film who i cared for at all.

this is the sort of film to watch while eating sandwiches... little sandwiches.
also maybe you should drink a nice bottle of wine ( or two ) while watching it ?

did i laugh ? no

does kirsten dunst use her trademark look for the entire film ? yes

favourite line: "hold my hand, close your eyes"

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