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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


working with the assistant formerly known as stel has been fun.

i would honestly say that every time we've worked together she has said 
something that has either cracked me up or else made my jaw drop or
perhaps made me scratch my head and wonder if she's for real.

the last time we worked together i couldn't help but admire her gold mac.
the conversation went a little like this:

    me: nice mac. what brand is it ?

    her: ( looking at me as if it was a stupid question ) burberry.

    me: ok... you have a lot of burberry coats don't you ?

    her: yes... that's the reason i moved to london.

ok, maybe i didn't tell the story that well. maybe you had to be there ?
perhaps you need to hear her deliver the line and see her face as she did ?

anyway, it was another decent stel-ism.

alas i won't be hearing any more of her gems for a while... 

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