snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

more behind the scenes shots

maybe these aren't behind the scenes shots as much as photos
i took while i was waiting for a room to be set up.

it's nice eh ? two big mirrored tables in a beautiful room

i like the ocd-ness of setting up a big table for a photo shoot.
at this place i heard one of the waiters being informed that the manager
likes the markings on the knives and forks to be lined up with the centre
of the plates... nice.

grrr ! 
the florists...
we are working to a deadline right ?
the waiters worked quickly and professionally.
the florists...
grrr !

even with a slow shutter speed it was difficult to get a shot of the florists
that showed them to be moving.

also i thought it was a bit rude that they asked for a pot of tea while they were 
working on the flowers. surely, knowing that customers were coming in at midday
and having been told that i needed an hour for photography, they could have waited
until they'd finished the room before having a cuppa ?

oh well.