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Saturday, 20 February 2010


today is neil's 40th birthday.

neil is my work colleague, my drinking companion,
my room mate, my trainer advisor,
my karaoke partner, my football team-mate,

my friend

not the best picture, but here's me and neil in 
1997 waving goodbye to mongolia

and here we are a week or so earlier out in the 
wilds of mongolia
where we had a kick about

we also stopped for a photo with a local lass

here's me neil and chris having a beer in singapore
in raffles hotel
good times !

a year later i shared a room with neil and chris in new york
good lads

the next year i was in new york again with neil and levon.
look how we blended in with the locals by adopting the 
fashionable headgear of the time.

and here we are at jfk still rocking the look

in a chinese take-away with dimbleby, chris and pedro
who knows ?

neil also had one of the most stylish weddings of all time
top man neil.

happy birthday !

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