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Tuesday, 2 February 2010 the usual

how about these bad boys ?
today i'm rocking my nike air force 1 maharam editions
they were only available to buy in one shop in the world,
moss, in new york city
and are covered in 'layers' which is a
very special material made by maharam

i also bought one other item from moss...
it's from the buildings of disaster series.
manufactured from bonded nickel.
this one is the alma place tunnel

they also have the texas schoolbook depository,
the dakota building, chernobyl, the oklahoma city
federal building, the pentagon and the neverland ranch !

from bad taste to good taste...
jackie made me a strong latte this morning and as usual, 
before i started to drink it, i made sure it complied with 
european coffee standards.

for lunch i made myself a bagel filled with ham and cheese.
the bagel was seedier than john terry's personal life.

keeping on a food theme, i've become quite fascinated
with sausages recently. what's intriguing me most, is
how to cook them perfectly. i'm constantly turning them
and trying to get them to cook evenly, but so far i've
 not been satisfied that i'm doing it right.
this was last night's effort. i was watching them like a hawk
but i wasn't completely happy with them.

jackie left me to it. she was upstairs shopping on ocado...
don't forget to order some more sausages !

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  1. It's a random idea but have you thought of pre-cooking the bangers in the oven then just throwing them in a pan to brown evenly?