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Saturday, 13 February 2010

how to make a valentines card

i need to make a valentines card.
can i do it cheaply and tastefully ?
this is about all i need: some pvc tape and a pair of scissors.
 well, obviously i need a bit of card, oh 
and a knife and a stapler

step 1
stick 6 strips slightly overlapping each other, onto a piece 

out with the old blade

and cut a heart shape

peel the heart off

then cut a zig-zag through the heart
it was about this time that i wondered if this was in bad 
taste seeing as my wife has had heart problems recently
 and her heart did in fact nearly, er, break down a few months

so moving on...
how about that as a reminder of our love, and also of
just how fragile her heart is... hmmm

stick the heart onto the card

now we're getting there

next step, out with the stapler

and away you go

boom, boom, pow !
three staples mending the broken heart... strong love

love is strong

finally, peel off the rest of the pvc tape and stick it
on the inside of the card

for the finishing touch

all you need is love !

( and red pvc tape and staples )


  1. Now that is one lucky woman.

  2. Not bad. I haven't thought of doing an old school style of card for about 10 years.

  3. go for it heath. it's the way forward