snapshots and observations

Thursday, 4 February 2010


just take 1 minute...
i've been doing this blog for just over a month now.
i've done 50-odd entries and i was just wondering...
how many people actually read it. do some read it every day ?
once a week ? maybe today's the first time ?

am i doing something here that people like ? dislike ?
or am i just doing it and nobody is seeing it ?
so please, everybody, just take one minute to comment on this post
and tell me what you think of the blog so far.
what do you want to see more of ? less of ?
i'd just like to know how many people i'm reaching.
oh and do you like or dislike it ?


  1. First time, but like love the quality of your work mate.

  2. I find the layout agreeable.

  3. everyday and I think up to now I'm the only one who ever comments. I know my sister Dianne has read it / reads it too.

    I am enjoying it immensely (although that might be spelt wrong!)

  4. Very enjoyable. Great photos. Witty. Good sausages.

  5. You should use Capital I's. But daily and I like.

  6. un-believably i read it every day - that's how sad my life is! So I must like it though you do have the classic photographers sexist moments (cheeky girls in men's shirts oh pleeese!) But great style and wit you have in spades so I am entertained by your life...

  7. Like my daily paper....

    Great photos, great food and too many trainers

  8. Keep up the good work - I while away a fair bit of my time every day on your blog
    (and on the bog too, come to think of it)

  9. keep it up.. you never know you just might make it .....ha haa !

  10. Great daily insight into somebody with a life. I look forward to sitting down at the end of the day and taking a peek at whats been happening in Whitfield world. Keep up the good work.