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Friday, 12 February 2010

friday stuff and nonsense

it seems like it's been ages since i talked about my trainers.
today i shunned nike and brought back the three stripes.
i'd forgotten all about these bad boys,
i bought them in new york about 4 years ago
adidas superstar nba editions in black snakeskin with black
suede trim. white patent leather stripes with gold stitching.
nice red and black outsole too, again with gold stitching.

i had an interiors shoot at a restaurant in the west end this 
morning... a vegetarian restaurant !
obviously i was extremely nervous entering such an establishment 
but i settled down quickly when i was offered a coffee
this really hit the spot. double espresso... boom !

oh, here's a bit of my kit by the way. leica m8 with
16-18-21 lens and external viewfinder. also in the
case is a 90mm f2, 35mm f2 and a cable release
i should be getting an m9 any day now... if leica sort
it out.

it was a nice looking restaurant, but i was disturbed by the
whole vegetarian thing. i decided to cheer myself up
by doing a self-portrait...
i think i'm praying for meat here.

and this next shot i'm just trying to show off my watch

just as i was packing up they had a bit of an accident and
dropped the specials menu into the staff soup.
pity they didn't drop some bacon into it too !

i was thinking about heading to the nordic bakery for a
sly coffee, but about two doors away from the shoot was
fernandez and wells, so i skulked in and ordered up what 
was my third strong coffee of the day... it was 11.55am
after this i had the right old "hattie jacques"

later on i parked up in whitfield street. 
i looked up at the building opposite my car...
it was some student lodgings for ucl
what's with the bags hanging outside the windows ?
any ideas ?

and finally, i know it's a bit cheap but i found these
pics on the net this week...
good man !

also look at this guy...
he's a genius.

and lastly, you know i'm going to try and do something
similar next time it snows outside whitfield towers...
what a great shot !

have a great weekend everybody.

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  1. I suggest that the bags hanging from the windows are a "student's fridge" with the weather so cold and thefts from fridges on the increase... Job done!