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Saturday, 27 February 2010


what's going on in n7 ?
i went out to get a paper this morning and for the second
time in recent weeks, the motorbikes at the end of manor
gardens had been pushed over.

back home to read the paper and to breakfast healthily
pears, cranberries, yoghurt and honey. 

we headed out to the west end and had a good look at
the bob dylan exhibition at the halcyon gallery
i was pleasantly surprised... no, i was absolutely
knocked out. there were some amazing pieces.
good old bob.

after a quick look in the dover street market it was time
for a bite to eat at napket on piccadilly.
eggs ben with ham for me, but what a schoolboy error...
i forgot to ask if it came with salad.

i bought some freshly made muffin-type things on the way
out. the smell was amazing.
i think they mean sweet bread not sweat bread !

then i checked my iphone to see how chelsea had got on at 
home to man city... ouch !

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