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Thursday, 4 February 2010

wednesday recap

i had quite a busy day yesterday.
first off, i had a shoot near horsham, west sussex.
i left home at 7.30am. google maps told me
it would take 1 hour 31 minutes.
grrr !

when i ( finally ) got to the location, a hotel,
i was offered a coffee. i was expecting just a cup
of coffee but check out the service here...
i was shown to a beautiful old lounge. sat in a comfy old leather armchair
and then two members of staff brought this out to me.
standard coffee and two absolutely out of this world
home made flapjacks. what a touch !

i can't show the photo's of the restaurant yet but you get 
the impression from the next photo... the oh so predictable
note the old school cable release for my leica M8

after battling my way back through south london, i had 
a little shoot in the afternoon at a lingerie boutique in
islington called tallulah.
i was photographing bridal underwear and other details
for their website.

bridal handcuffs ?

i had a few 'discussions' with nicola, the owner of tallulah
regarding the best way to photograph lingerie.
her advice to me was 
"do that thing you do where you point your camera"

nicola knows the story... she got the coffee in to stop me
moaning about the lack of model on the shoot !

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