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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

strap, wedding, trainers, job, ham and spam.

this may not be very interesting to most people
but to me it is a result.
i got my new camera strap through the post today
it's by headporter and it's for my gf-1

also in the post today a fantastic package from our friends
ben and rachel. quite coincidental seeing as i mentioned 
their wedding on saturday.
the package was basically a thank-you sent out to guests
who attended their wedding in fowey, cornwall... in 2008 !
it takes ben a week to get the mail on sunday out
but it took rachel 17 months to publish the fowey times !
well worth the wait though.

also in the package was this photo of me and jackie
at their wedding...
doing our usual "good cop, bad cop" routine !

after the excitement of the post it was on with today's
trainers of choice...
bathing ape bapestas in patent purple grey and green.

fantastic news today, i just landed a shoot in hong kong
i'll be there for three and a bit days in the middle of next
month. hopefully i'll be able to blog about something a bit 
more interesting than trainers and coffee while i'm there.

i had a meeting in the west end, so it was only natural
that i stopped off at the nordic bakery for a bite and a coffee
same old same old... ham and cheese sandwich and a latte.

when i got home i checked my old email account that i
hadn't looked at for months. the spam folder was 
pretty full...
what the what ?!

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