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Friday, 26 February 2010


what a touch !
look at this little place. it's tacked onto the front of
the british library on the euston road.

it sells the usual suspects but also...
wait for it...

churros y chocolate

not the best location for desayuno
sitting next to all the early morning traffic in what feels 
like a wind tunnel

but the churros were freshly made and were absolutely
£2.50 including a free coffee !

it was so cold sitting there that i took the coffee back to 
the warmth of the markmobile and took this photo
their coffee is made from a wide range of freshly ground
beans and i reckon it was one of the best coffees of the 
year so far.

£2.50 for some freshly made churros, hot chocolate
and a small latte with an extra shot. 
what a start to the day.

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