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Saturday, 13 February 2010

my favourite wedding photographs

i was just looking through some old wedding pics
and i thought i'd show you some of my favourites.

so, in no particular order...

this was taken in tuscany in may 2007.
it is a photo of the bridesmaids at a family wedding,
running up the pathway to the church
two things about the photo make me smile...
firstly, my sister-in-law is the first bridesmaid.
she is always late. always always late.
so here she is with the job of bridesmaid and she turns up late !
secondly, the other bridesmaid had been sunbathing the previous day.
she was irish and about as pale as you can be, but she really went for it
the day before the wedding.
knowing full well she'd be in a backless dress the next day.

not a great photo, but it always makes me smile.

again, not a great photo, but it brings back good memories.
this was the scene after i had just delivered the best man's
speech for my friend han lee. scattered notes full of old
gags, a mock up of the front page of the mail on sunday
and some cheap meat ! ( don't ask )

i don't know what's going on here. is the lady on the right
checking out the bride's alan whickers ?
i don't know... but i like the shot anyway.

this is kelly, wife of my friend chris.
i like the way this seems like a natural snapshot of her and
her bridesmaids looking and laughing at a photo on a
digital camera while enjoying a glass of champagne just
before the ceremony...
truth is i walked in just as they were like this, then i said
"that looks good, hold tight" then i got my camera out and
asked them to do it again... and again...

these are my mates gooner jeff and danny
danny was getting married, gooner jeff was best man.
this fantastic place is gooner jeff's flat.
( i'd like to see danny try and fit into that whistle now )

my friend ben and his wife rachel
i like the flare in this shot.
i also like the way they are just about to kiss
but ben won't leave go of his drink.

this was at ben's wedding too
the leg on the bottom left is mine !

this is my friend deborah just before she got married
i asked her to pretend she was having second thoughts

this is her again just after the ceremony. this time i didn't
ask her to use the 'second thoughts' expression, she just
did it. hmmm...
i would have loved it if she'd quickly stepped back at this point
leaving nick and his brother to kiss each other on the lips !

these are jackie's friends rachael and craig
i did a few shots of them in grosvenor square.
you have no idea how many people i had to
remove from the background !

ben and rachel again
i love ben's pose... also i reckon he's still
holding a drink behind his back.

at my friend neil's wedding, i was one of
three official photographers.
the three of us bombarded the bridesmaids
with cheap jokes. i won't bore you with the
details, but the last word i said to them
before i took this shot was 'kissing'

and the final words before this snap were
'plastic surgeon'

this is my sister-in-law applying make-up to her cousin
one of those shots which work better in black and white.

and finally, a mock wedding i photographed
a few weeks ago at the criterion

love and marriage.

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