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Friday, 19 February 2010

flaming mo's snack bar

i left whitfield towers at 7am for a shoot in deepest kent.

as i mentioned yesterday, only a certain type of establishment
would be able to tempt me with breakfast...
just off the a-something or other ( i wasn't really paying
attention to be honest ) i saw a little sign which said
"hot grub 100m on left" 
to me that's like a sign saying 
"michelin starred eatery 100m on left"

in a shock move it didn't have a dirty union jack flying above
it, nor was it in a lay-by. it was parked just inside an 
industrial estate.

here's what i bought...

1: a cheap coffee. 
i got mo to make it extra strong but i didn't 
bother asking her if she could make me a short,
skinny latte with an extra shot and a whisper of cinnamon.

2: a kit-kat
i'm a traditionalist when it comes to chocolate covered
biscuits, that's something which has been remarked
upon over the years by friends and family alike.
so it was with a heavy heart that i opted for the kit-kat
it was either that or a mars bar the size of a cricket bat.

3: bacon, sausage and two fried eggs in a soft baguette
just look at the size of it !  it was heavy too.
i had a suspicion that the sausage had been pre-cooked
but there was lots of decent bacon and two fried eggs 
cooked to my order ( with runny yolks )

and it all came to £3.90

all in all two enthusiastic thumbs up for flaming mo's.

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