snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

N7 W1 20/21 M1 M6 L39

the title is a shortened version of my trip yesterday.

i started off in N7 then had a meeting at the criterion in W1
funnily enough i know a little coffee place in W1...
the nordic bakery
corner table, strong latte, job done.

i then headed over to islington for a shoot in my favourite
shop: twentytwentyone
they've just extended the shop into the basement so i was
there to shoot some interiors
it really has to be seen. it's a beautiful shop.

simon, one of the owners was keeping an eye on me
we were wearing matching jumpers by the way !

i think simon was in that film "dude where's my car?"
playing chester.

as part of the deal, i insisted that simon did a shot of me
here i am upstairs, looking miserable. textbook look.

grrr ! after the shoot i had to drive up north to see my mum.
the M1 and the M6 were full of idiots as usual.
it was snowing quite heavily on top of everything else.
sorry about the quality of this photo but i was having a shave
at the time and also drinking a coffee while hogging the
middle lane with full beams on and talking on the phone.

the best thing about going back up north is the chip shops.
i went to a place in rainford, imaginatively called 'the chippy'
the lad before me in the queue ordered chips and cheese !
that's a new one on me.

i didn't have my camera with me but i took this with my iphone
a foot long sausage ? genius !
also the poster reminded me... i must phone the dude.

the girl working in the chippy was really surly.
ordinarily i like surliness in a chip shop girl but
she took it up a notch. she took an immediate dislike 
to me and tutted a little louder than was completely
necessary when i asked her what the difference was
between large peas and small peas. she half-heartedly
pointed at two different sized containers and rolled her eyes
at me. i picked up her eyes and gave them back to her
( i thank you ) before plumping for large peas.
i asked for gravy... it was like a scene from a spaghetti western
as she stared at me and asked... "large gravy or small gravy?"

to cut a long story short i don't think we'll be seeing
each other again.

anyway, check out my meal. chips fish peas and gravy
this is only about half the portion of chips.
i was a little disappointed with the cod, but the jockeys,
the mushy peas and the gravy were perfect.
nicely laid out on the plate too. i decided to arrange the
three main items horizontally, then poured the gravy
at a ninety degree angle to them. a vertical stripe if you will.
to be honest, though i liked the way this looked, i think
it would have been better to make a swirl of gravy
starting in the centre of the plate and ending at the
edge of the plate... possibly spilling the last drop on my 
mum's tablecloth.

oh, by the way, one last shot from L39


  1. Are you sure we are related? All that way to a decent chippy and you didn't have a steak pudding?
    What's wrong with you man?

  2. they were all out of "baby's heads" otherwise i would have had one.
    it was a poorly stocked chippy to be honest.