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Friday, 5 February 2010

friday nonsense

porridge for breakfast
£1.85 from crussh. not the best, but it did the job.

the postman rang twice
first up my new light. yeah thanks for handling with care.
was the fragile tape not clear enough ?

guess what ? when i opened it up and tried it,
the light did not work.
so i'm getting a replacement sent out to me and
this one will be sent back.

half-time score:
postman. 1
me. 0

next up a little package from amazon
great stuff. love exposure is supposed to be brilliant.
though it is 237 minutes long !
the other film is supposed to be very good too. i'll
post a review when i've watched them.

final score:
postman. 1
me. 1

i had a shoot this afternoon for the financial mail.
in a shock move, justine found my jokes to be
very amusing and i had no trouble getting her to smile.

could my day get any better ?


1 comment:

  1. I love your blog. It is my lunchtime treat (which I read with a northern accent in my head). I am practically addicted, so please don't stop writing it. Oh, and I agree with Justine, your jokes are very amusing - they always make me smile.

    Keep brightening my day.