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Thursday, 18 February 2010

danny and reiko

remember danny from my favourite wedding photo's ?
he called me yesterday to see if i fancied a spot of lunch.
we arranged to meet near carnaby street.

i spotted him coming out of his office !
what are you smiling at dan ?

we went to a little cafe in kingly street where we 
discovered that great minds really do think alike.
we both ordered a jacket potato with chilli con carne
and a milky coffee. 

lunch was on danny. if only he'd told me in advance i would
have had some cheese on my jacket and ordered up a bottle of
louis roederer cristal 1990.

i stopped danny outside to take this quick shot of him
before saying goodbye and wishing arsenal all the best
for the champions league game against porto...
oops !

then it was off to the nordic bakery to met up with reiko.
she was impressed that i was wearing japanese trainers
the trusty bathing ape snakeskin roadstas.

i took a couple of shots of her. 
one against the light in black and white.

and one in colour after we swapped seats
reiko is very funny. her grasp of english is not perfect...
she famously described gooner jeff as "handsome"

then again she always calls me " talented photographer"
so i guess she does know what she's talking about !

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