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Thursday, 4 February 2010

restaurant review... kind of

i've been photographing restaurants and food for years now.
perhaps i should use this blog to do the occasional review of
a restaurant too ? of course the reviews will be a bit useless
as i am such a fussy eater. still, for all those with simple tastes
here we go... restaurant review number one.

27-29 endell street
london wc2h 9ba

circus is without doubt, a cool place. it's kind of hidden away.
from the outside it's just a black door, no big flashy sign
or anything. the interior though is stunning. certainly my words 
can't do it justice, if i say it's divided into 5 equally stylish areas...
no, you have to see it for yourself. i'll attach some photo's of the restaurant
at the end, but you have to see the place in full flow to appreciate it.

so how do these reviews usually go ? i guess after a bit of a 
description of the place i should start with the starters ?
oh, before that a very nice girl introduced herself to us.
her name was kat and she would be serving us. she asked us to
let her know if we had any questions about the menu. she was very
friendly, bubbly, attentive etc. i know it's not much, but it was a 
nice detail. she made us feel very welcome and special.

it's as if a bell dinged when i saw empañadas on the menu.
my love for empañadas goes back to ushuaia, argentina
in 1998... it's a long story which also involves creme caramels,
chris terry and union jack boxer shorts, so i'd better say no more.

these bad boys were fantastic. beef and black bean empañadas
with some sort of spicy sauce and that white 'cooling' sauce 
that i never bother with.
in fairness these didn't touch the sides and were gone in no time.
genius start to the meal.

jackie had peppered squid for starter but i hardly paid any
attention to it as i was wolfing down the 'little pasties' and
trying to photograph my beer.
i think it was called bohemia.
i should point out that it was pretty dark in the restaurant
so my photo's are not all that. cracking beer though.

main course
once again the photo does not do it justice.
wiener schnitzel with jalepeño onion rings and a side portion
of hand cut chips.
i love chips more than i could love a human child, that's well known.
these jockeys were up there with the best. deceptive little
fellas, they don't look special, but they were magic. i think
that's sometimes the way with chips. it's their thing.
the w.s. was spot-on too, the jalepeño rings were game on
and gravy too ! ( northern men love gravy )

what the what ?!
all of a sudden the kitchen shutters went down, the music went
up a notch and this little blonde girl walked up to the main table,
walked along it and started doing some sort of trapeze thing
right above the diners. the atmosphere was amazing. once again
my photo's don't really capture it but here goes...
waiter !
ay caramba !
oh that's wrong !
i swear this move is illegal in some countries !

and then she simply walked off, the shutters came up,
waiters delivered food and everybody carried on as if
nothing had happened. great stuff.

and this is why i shouldn't be doing reviews... i can't even 
remember what this was called ! it was a plum something,
oh and i remember it took 15 minutes to make the base bit.
would it be a plum tarte tatin ?
anyway it was good stuff.

oh by the way, jackie had some tuna effort for main, which she
rated highly. she had some big mushroom thing too as a side
dish, but i don't like mushrooms so i tried not to look at it.
she had a fruit salad for dessert which looked amazing,
it looked like a dubai cityscape but i didn't take any photo's
of it as i was entranced by kat bringing me another beer.

just as we were about to leave the circus acts came back on.
this time the lights went down even lower and they blasted out ultra violet
light. as per, the photo doesn't show it how it was...
the girl kind of glowed as she was spinning around.
well that's about it really. it was a top night. great food,
excellent service, unbelievable entertainment.
i'm no expert with food but trust me if you will...
go to circus. you'll love it.

ok, here are a few photo's of the place that i took the
week before it opened.
the shimmery bar area looking out to the main table

this is the communal wash-room

the lounge area

the view from the hallway as you enter

this area has some decent vintage chairs and is a little secluded

from the lounge looking out to the restaurant

and the main table, where the circus action takes place.

also here are a few photo's i took of the performers
ballet girl

fire girl

hoop girl

and finally, a team shot on the main table.

get yourself over to circus !

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