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Sunday, 21 February 2010


it's been noted that my comments on arsenal f.c. have 
been less than complimentary recently.
they are my local team after all and their fine stadium
located just 15 minutes walk from whitfield towers.

yesterday lunchtime i received a text message from danny
that he had a spare ticket for the sunderland game...
would i like to come along and sit with him and gooner jeff ?

i walked down holloway road to meet up with danny and spotted
arsenal's new goalkeeper making his way to the stadium !
( the bloke on the right hand side of the pic )

this is gooner jeff. i've mentioned him before on this blog. 
he is a notorious user of cockney rhyming slang
he had a young apprentice with him. throughout the whole game
 they hurled insults at the sunderland team, the referee and danny.

gooner jeff was feeling very confident about the result today.
lately arsenal's defence has been as stable as ashley cole's marriage
but today jeff was confident of not only a clean sheet, but that 
arsenal would be popping in some goals. hmmm...

it must be said, arsenal do have a corking stadium
and the boys have good seats.

half-time and arsenal lead 1-0. danny gives jeff a bit of stick
regarding his wasted bet.

i asked gooner jeff to take a photo of me and danny.
"no problem, this'll be a blindin' photo" he said...
jeff is a gardener and i think he was more interested in the turf being
watered than in getting a photo of me and danny... grrr !

luckily i spotted my friend andy who was photographing
 the game for a national newspaper.
i gave him a call and asked him to take a photo of us.

here we are... the three amigos !

nice one andy.

the game stayed at 1-0 until the final minute when arsenal
were awarded a penalty.
fabregas tucked it away

arsenal 2 sunderland 0
( ladbrokes 1 gooner jeff 0 )

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