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Thursday, 11 February 2010


as my family know only too well, i do like  a mash-up.
most of the stuff i like has two or three tunes mixed up
but dj earworm takes it to the next level.
for the past four years he's done a mash-up of the year's
top 25  ( yes 25 ! ) tunes according to billboard magazine, all
in one hit. the 2009 effort is acknowledged as the best yet...
have a look at the video to see how he makes it work

you can download the mp3 at his website:

or how about this... a colour coded lyric sheet which lists
the songs used and shows how they combine together

also the guardian recently named a 
mash-up as 'the song which defines the decade'

still sounds good today

mash-up lecture over... i'll get back to coffee and trainers !

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