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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

north and south

 tuesday morning and i'm woken up by
some squeaking and scraping sounds.
i pulled back the curtains and this rare sight was in front of me.
a scouser with a job !
i quickly picked up my camera and took a couple of frames.
i showed the photo's to my mum later and she was far from
impressed... "didn't he use his ladder?"
she had a point. he couldn't reach the tops of the windows
and afterwards we could see all the bits at the top and the 
corners that he'd missed.

i had a look around my mum's house and took a few photo's...
firstly, check this out. framed and hung in the hallway.
a watercolour painting that i did for her birthday about
15 years ago. 
wow ! i'm impressed. it was some fishing boats in dingle
as i remember and i swear i haven't done another
watercolour since. it's not great, but it's not bad eh ?

also it was nice to see some very tasty pics stuck on her fridge
leave it !

it was 'uncle' alan's 70th birthday last week. naturally i
forgot to send him a card but i had a look through the
many cards he received and this one made me smile...
i always liked it when les dawson dressed up as a woman.
great stuff.

pretty soon it was time for me to drive back to london.

i try to never eat at motorway service stations. i much prefer
the food available in lay-bys. caravan cuisine. preferably
a caravan with a union jack attached proudly flapping
in the wind attracting truckers and fiat 500 drivers alike.
i found just the place in a layby on the A49
bacon, sausage and egg on a barm cake.

the bloke asked me if i wanted any sauce and i replied
"just a little brown... just enough so that when i bite into it,
some sauce will run down my sleeve"
"ok our kid" he replied, as if he knew just how much sauce i wanted.
worryingly he told me it was only his second day in the job,
but the food was ideal. two decent sausages, not cheapo
efforts. a couple of slices of back bacon, and a fried egg
with a soft yoke ( which raced down my sleeve with the
brown sauce )
if it had been any greasier i'd have been in mexico. 8/10

M6 M1 A1 home...

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