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Saturday, 6 February 2010

trainers and music

saturday morning and my kicks for today...
nike air force 1 ( hype ) san francisco
purple and pale grey suede
nice details
bringing heat to the streets of N7

this week i've been rediscovering one of my favourite bands,
pizzicato five
it's impossible to describe their sound, but if you see one
of their albums i'd recommend you give it a try.
like a lot of japanese bands, they have some very interesting
album art
try this link... their classic 'it's a beautiful day' 
this is good too... 'sweet soul review' 
and how about their version of the theme song to the classic
tv show, 'lupin the third' 
and finally one of their biggest hits: 'twiggy twiggy' 

and now it's time to grab a coffee !

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  1. 'Baby love child' from Made... is soooo good. Top choice MW