snapshots and observations

Sunday, 7 February 2010


i guess the kids of N7 were bored last night

very poor

on a brighter note, breakfast was spot-on
hot apple and pears with grapes, cranberries, yoghurt and honey

after a quick quality control check...
i tucked in.

then it was on with the grey air yeezys
nice details on them with lots of 'y's printed into the suede
and also embossed into the straps
they also have glow-in-the-dark soles.

i checked the sunday telegraph online and they've used
a nice pic of mine in the review of supperclub
nice to see the jacobean ruff coming back into fashion.

we took a drive to the marylebone high street and stopped
off at orrery epicerie. in a shock move i didn't have the 
traditional ham and cheese croissant. instead i opted for...
chicken escalope with some kind of potatoes that were
really gruesome. it grieves me to even show this snack
never mind describe it. in fairness the escalope was
very nice but the potatoes... no, i can't bring myself to
explain about them.
they do good coffee mind !

then home to watch arsenal's season crumble and to 
send a few text messages to gooner jeff 

and to settle down to watch a good film...
worth watching just for the opening sequence alone.


  1. Hi Mark

    As I am into photography, your cousin Simon suggested I had a look at your blog when I had a 'spare 5 minutes'. 45 minutes later and still enjoying it. It's original, fresh, honest, and gives a great peek into what you are up to. Keep it up, it's entertaining to read, your photos are superb, even what you might call a 'snap' are crisp and perfectly exposed. The coffees you manage to find for 90p are legendary and one day I hope to join you on an eggs ben crawl around London :-)


  2. nice one gary,
    thanks for the comment.
    i'll try to do a bit more photography behind the scenes stuff and less of the coffee pics... but then again i do like coffee... and photographing it.
    please check it out whenever you can and please comment if you like or dislike something. it's good to get a bit of feedback.