snapshots and observations

Monday, 10 December 2012


when i was in new york in october i had a meeting at 21 mercer
and as ever i got there early.

so i had a bit of a mooch around mercer street and came across a place
i'd been told about months ago... a business called 3x1

to cut a long story short, 3x1 is a denim business.
you go there and design your own jeans... bespoke jeans.

the choice is incredible, not just the denim, but all the trims.

let me show you a few photos then maybe you should check out their
website to learn more.

my photos are not in any order or trying to tell the story, they are just 
things i photographed while having a look around he place.

some examples of the buttons you can use on your jeans

examples of the stitching available

rivets and stuff

more buttons and what not

that nice chalk stuff too

more rivets... is that what they're called ? naturally i'd choose the orange ones

3x1 branded button

also available in other colours ( or colors if you're in the usa )

more of the same

some finished jeans

did i mention they make all the jeans right there on site ?

which is pretty good right ?

what the what ?! a denim bow tie ( also available in white denim )


zips and buttons

buttons and rivets... am i boring you ?

jean making things kicking around

i know, it's only a tape measure but at the time i found it interesting

tape measure and chalk

some nice selvedge denim

and again

selvedge denim on rolls behind a display case table

selvedge denim

and again

grrr !

examples of denim, stitching, buttons etc

looking into the workshop

and through the open door

ok, as you  know, words are not my thing but i hope you liked some
of the photos.

3x1 really is a denim enthusiast's dream.
it's well worth going in for a look and a chat if you're in the area.

now have a look at their website for the full story.


  1. Ohh, glad to see you made it there and thanks for the detailed pictures. Really have to go there on my next trip!

    1. yes, you should definitely check it out. it's a very interesting place... but mad pricey.