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Saturday, 15 December 2012

hypebeast magazine issue 3 launch party

issue 3 of hypebeast magazine is available from friday 14th.

there was a launch party at the bapestore in london on the evening of 13th
so after wrapping up my shoot in ec2 i pegged it over to w1 to have a mooch around.

i took a few snapshots while i was there. some in colour, some in black and white.

here they are.

the magazine.
hypebeast. the impressions issue.

my ocd was very happy.
neatly stacked and well spaced out.

i was debuting my new black aape hoody. as it's a japan only release
 i thought it would be the only one... i was wrong. somebody had the camo version.

very nice indeed

well this was always going to happen.

dan. the manager of the london bapestore.

the generals were on an instagram mission.
bit of maharishi camo sneaking into shot too... which can only mean one thing.

as the store was crowded we took to the streets, where i had a shoe battle
with a fellow head called olly911

the main bape players gathered outside... supreme was representing too.

unfortunately i had to swerve off early to do some work
but as i left i saw dan being interviewed for hypebeast tv.

hopefully the video will be out soon and i'll re-post it here.

big thanks to bape for the invite. it was a great night
with some top people there to chat to.

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