snapshots and observations

Friday, 21 December 2012

magic darts

years ago my friend pedro was about to start a photographic processing
and printing business

we met for a drink one day in covent garden and he told me he didn't
know what to call his company. he didn't want something with a 
photographic name. he wanted something to make his place stand 
out from say 'metro imaging'

i suggested he call it "magic darts"

and he did.

it's a phrase i used when i was a school, and even today 20 years later
( leave it )
i still say "magic darts" to describe a nice coffee, a meal or any better than
average experience.

last week secret santa gave me a very nice present.

there was only one word for it...

magic darts !


  1. I think it's a very big compliment when someone else conceptualizes your idea into reality (with your permission of course). This is a perfect example. Nice one mark.