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Thursday, 6 December 2012

whitfield christmas card 2012

as you may know, i always make my own christmas cards.

usually i just draw onto a piece of card but this year i've embraced
the digital age and drawn onto a piece of paper, scanned it in to my
mac, and messed about with it using photoshop.

the first sketch. in biro onto a postcard

when i thought it might be a good idea to use a bit of colour

using a felt-tip pen and a ruler

after scanning in the felt-tip / ruler effort, i dumped some colour onto it.

and this is how it stands at the moment.

i toyed with the idea of putting a yellow halo around the baby jesus
and also around mary's head.

i thought about giving crowns to the three wise blokes too.

i as also advised to make the star "star-shaped" instead of square.

plus there's usually some livestock involved in this scene...
should i put some animals on the left ?

any ideas ?

let me know soon as i'm going to have to get these lads knocked out in the
next couple of days.

season's greetings and all that.


  1. Maybe just turn the 'star' round to make it a diamond?

    1. good call stoo. if anybody knows, stoo knows. i'll give it a try.

  2. 1. Mary's height is concerning me
    2. Not sure they had multi-storey 2000 years ago.
    3. Access to the multi-storey stable is going to prove challenging
    4. The first wise man has stole the third’s gift.

    1. 1. hmmm... she does look a bit small, but she does have child bearing hips
      2. me neither. what are you talking about ?
      3. the stable is beige, the brown bit is the roof. the door is around the back
      4. how do you work that out ?

  3. an off set animal wld be perfect!

  4. cubic minimalism - i love it. maybe a few square lambs might be nice, but it could really do with an 'n7' in there somewhere..

    1. cheers don,

      i might try putting some cubic livestock on the left.
      there is always some reference to n7 on the back of my cards.