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Tuesday, 25 December 2012


a while ago i thought i'd photograph a load of stuff i'd bought or come across
recently and make lots of blog posts. you know, to pad it out so that i could 
reach 1000 posts this year.

but now, i feel pretty confident of hitting 1000 posts in 2012 i think it's best
if i spare you and just lump them all together here.

a compass i got in a christmas cracker. it's about the size of a 1p coin.
( coincidentally, 1p is probably how much the compass is worth )

hiut denim yearbook.
if you're a fan of japanese selvedge denim being made into really good jeans
by welsh people, then this is for you.

some london spray cans, courtesy of my brainwash.

an orange coloured head-torch which i bought for the canoeing / camping
trip back in august.

some 3-d colour photos of gardens in monaco which i bought because i liked
the packet they came in. great colours, nice typefaces and look at the
bloke sitting there in his really cool chair wearing a stylish suit.
matching tie and socks too. what a chap.

some body wash, shampoo and conditioner i brought back from my hotel in new york.

some stüssy socks i picked up in new york

what ? i love socks.

this ticks a lot of boxes for me.
i bought it in new york ( i don't think you can buy it here )
it's hand gel, you know... antibac, hand cleaning stuff.
it's holiday spice flavour ( only in america )
the bottle is made from silicon, it's all squishy.
it has a loop thing so you can hang it from your camera bag.

some iron on patches from liberty.
i only wanted the crown really, but the others are not bad too.
i'm seriously thinking about putting them on some old bape t-shirts.

and finally, some ( multee ) project stickers which my friend brian sent to me
from cali.

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