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Saturday, 8 December 2012

museum of modern art, lisbon.

when you're in a foreign city and it rains, or rather pours all day
what do you do ?

in lisbon i took a trip to the museum of modern art.

it's just over the road from the maritime museum
( which i also went to ) and maybe a three minute walk from the 
cafe where they invented the nata.

plus all three are a 15 minute tram ride from the city centre.

bonus !

here are a load of pics i took in the museum of modern art

some sort of massive mobile thing hanging in the lobby.
to get to the exhibition below, you take the spiral staircase on the left.

i was just looking up to photograph the mobile from below when all of
a sudden a tourist who was upstairs had the same idea.
i think it made for an interesting shot

whenever i'm in a museum or gallery, i like to get a photo of the people
who are there to keep an eye on you or to stop kiddies touching things.

i liked this effort. it kind of reminded me of a verner panton thing.

ok, i got carried away in this part of the exhibition.
loads of wooden figures and carved animals.
these lads were on a massive boat / village thing

do you like their beards ?


heck yes

ok, now the little animals.
i wish they had these for sale in the museum shop.
right ?

i'd buy one of these, no problem.

ha ha ! look at the owl

or as my friend reiko once wrote... 'aol'

owls are great aren't they ?

did you ever see that old tv series called the owl service ?
it was kind of scary right ?

i suppose this is a leopard.
very nice eh ?

another style of owl

another leopard

and a bird of some kind

moving on to another exhibition, i must say i thought this was rubbish.
just painting a few shapes onto an old football photo.
i did like spotting the players though.
les ferdinand scoring for newcastle against aston villa with ugo ehiogu
defending and mark bosnich in goals.

i do like neon lights

but is it art ?

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