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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

on my coffee table this week

by popular demand

( leave it )

the feature of shame is back.

and on my coffee table this week....

three wise choices

dvd: the yule log
an absolute must for this time of the year.
you know the story. it's a dvd showing maybe an hour's worth of footage of a log fire.
there are two views to choose. either a close up of a log fire or a wider view
which shows christmas presents and stockings hung above the fireplace.

it also has two soundtracks. one is just the crackles of the log fire, the other
is choirs singing christmas carols.

i can't find the packaging for mine but this is the one:

i recommend you get on to amazon straight away.

cd: the man with the iron fists. original soundtrack
this could well be the only cd i've bought this year.
no... surely not ?
hmmm... i can't remember buying any others though.
i don't think this is released in the uk for another week or so
but i got it in the usa a while back.
it's what you'd expect when the rza is involved. some great tunes
including a very decent effort from yeezy.
i can't wait to see the film.

book: our man in china by ming liu
it's good. there's this bloke right, and he's an american born chinese ( abc )
and he works in a bank in the usa, and he's a high flyer and all that and then
he goes to china and then...
( ok i haven't read it yet, but it's on my coffee table and i'm going to start
reading it tonight )
besides, the author is a friend of mine so i recommend you buy it.

as you may know, i always judge a book by it's cover and i like the front cover.

i also like the back cover.

what ?

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