snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


i was denied a self-portrait in w1 yesterday evening.

you know i always like to knock out a self-portrait when i'm shooting interiors, right ?
sadly this place was tiny, so i had no chance.
plus there was a p.r. girl there to keep an eye on me at all times.

as you know, i'm having my annual struggle to reach 1000 blog posts in a year
so you can imagine how irked i am to have missed a chance of a cheap post.


from now on i'm going to have a stand-by post ready.

if ever i can't manage a self-portrait on a shoot, i'll replace it with a
new feature:
the first frame i took on the shoot.

( whatever - ed )

and here it is... the first frame i took on my shoot yesterday evening.

on the right, some kitchen staff tidying up the place for me
on the left in the background one of those yellow signs you put on slippery surfaces.
( i always think of them saying "caution... john terry" after his famous penalty miss )

oh and on the left, the p.r. girl.

she was a very nice girl and though we only just met, i must say i very much like
three things about her.

1. she shared my dislike of bristol
2. her hair was the same colour as the rusty tiles on the back wall
3. we both had tales of spectacle-wearing haplessness.

more from this exciting new feature to come during the rest of the month !


  1. bristol aint so bad!

    there's a great coffee shop there (on park st. i think) but i can't remember what its called..

  2. got it - woodes's. good coffee, nice cake.