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Monday, 31 December 2012


do you like duckboots ?

i'm a big fan of nike af-1 duckboots.
they're like 4 wheel drive versions of af-1's.

in winter i think they are the way to go. you can trash them more than
your regular af-1's and they keep bouncing back.
in my opinion they look better the more you wear them.

this winter i was looking to add to my pair of duckboots which i've had for 
maybe 3 years or so now. i was interested to see which new colours nike
would release their 2012 duckboots in.

then i saw these...
what the what ?!

white duckboots !

i would have to say that these would become as filthy as a frenchman in no time.

white duckboots !

the materials used on them were top notch. i liked the quilted foxing
and the milky white sole, it's just that white on white has no chance.

i think these are just for those lads who wear pale blue or even pink timberlands.
no... for me, a darker boot is needed for going off road in the harsh n7 winter.

luckily nike i.d. did an af-1 duckboot option in december so that was me sorted.

3 weeks later...
i kept them nice and simple. practical yet stylish.
using the dark brown leather throughout i broke these up by opting for a red
outsole and yellow laces with n7 stitched onto the heels in yellow too.

bringing heat to the streets of n7

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