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Friday, 21 December 2012

top 20 sneakers of 2012 ( number 5 )

converse all stars

a collaboration between converse and missoni.

i kind of lusted after these from the moment i saw them in colette in paris.
they didn't have my size 
( and you know what... i reckon even if they did they wouldn't have told me )
so i went on a bit of a mission to get a pair.
it's a long story but it has a happy ending.

so now i have a new friend and i also have one of the most beautiful to look
at pairs of sneaks in my collection.

converse actually got together with missoni later in the year on another pair of 
chucks with even better details than these.
however, this colorway was the hardest for me to get, the ones that i have a story
about and they are number 5 in my list.

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  1. If you ever need a missoni converse.. Send me an email.. My secondary part owns a menswear store that gets them all in. =P