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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

margaret howell tie

this is how my blog works.

sometimes i come home after a shoot and slip a couple of photos straight into a blog post.

some times i buy, get given or find something and keep it to one side to 
photograph and make a blog post with.

this year i have put together a whole bag load of stuff to photograph and only now have i 
started to wade through it and start blogging.

it's so bad, that although i do remember who gave this to me
i have no idea why it was given to me.

it must have been for a good deed or something but you know me...
doing good deeds is not exactly my style.
as gooner jeff would say "i haven't got a danny la rue"

anyway, here's a quick post to help me on the way to 1000.

this is what i was given
very nice.

and the reveal
yep... a really nice margaret howell tie.

i have a wedding to go to on 12-12-12 so maybe i'll debut it then ?

 thanks to m1 for the fine gift and also for the cheap blog post.
( if you happen to read this please send a text and let me know what i'd done to 
deserve such a present )


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