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Saturday, 15 December 2012

chicken fried rice, chips and curry sauce.

a few evenings ago, mrs w went out for a work christmas party.

i was home alone.

i was hungry.

you know what's coming next...

i should explain that my usual chinese take-away was closed so i had to travel
further afield ( about 200 yards ) and though i ate it all and it was magic darts
and all that, i do feel i need to point out a few things before you watch the video.

1. the chips were a bit thinner than my usual place. not good. ( but they're still chips )

2. the chicken was not as greasy as my usual place. not good.

also on the technical, video making side.

1. i made the mistake of putting all the ingredients in shot, then had to move them out
   of shot while i got my plate out. also i made a heck of a racket getting my plate out of
   the cupboard. it was a schoolboy error. i should have started with the plate in position
  then doled out the food.

2. i fumbled around with the curry sauce for too long, though this was not all my fault.
   for some reason it had clingfilm around the tub. ( it doesn't at my usual place )

anyway... enjoy.

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