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Friday, 28 December 2012

top 20 sneakers of 2012 ( number 1 )

nike flyknit htm

did you guess ?

as you'd expect, these tick all the boxes.
they are rare, they look good, the details are off the hook, they are comfortable
and i have a story about them.

i also have two pairs of these bad boys, which considering how rare they are,
is quite a feat.

i always said they look like something my nan would have knitted and i stand 
by that.
i like that both shoes are different. in fact all four shoes i have in this colourway
are different.

they are a complex shoe, but they are a simple shoe.

they are my favourite pair of trainers of the year.


  1. great list mark! i don't know much about sneakers, but your no.11 (converse auckland racer) are my out and out favourites i think. ultra comfy looking.

    1. thanks don. they are super comfortable and are very similar to the number 1's in feel.
      by the way ? do I know you ? where are you from ? how did you come across my blog ?
      I hope you are enjoying it anyway.
      happy twixmas.