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Sunday, 23 December 2012

missoni x converse auckland racer

these arrived at whitfield towers a month or so ago
missoni x converse

i'm not very good at doing a welsh accent, but the word "fantastic" is one of the few
words i can say that sound welsh.
these are fantastic.

i could also say they are lush
that's another word i can say that sounds a bit welsh

but i'm getting diverted here... it's not about my rubbish welsh accent.
it's all about the quality of these shoes.
converse auckland racers done in a collaboration with missoni.
these remind me of a comfortable old cardigan that my grandad would wear
( he was from a little village near bridgend by the way )

amazing material. as with a lot of trainers, you have to see these close-up
to appreciate the details and the quality of the materials used.
i'll be honest with you. these are almost like slippers.
i would say the only fault with them is the white midsole.
they are going to get as filthy as a frenchman if i wear them outside in the 
harsh n7 winter.

maybe i'll save them for spring / summer
and just wear them inside for now.
bringing heat to the interior of whitfield towers, n7.

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  1. These were just a little too expensive for my liking..