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Sunday, 30 December 2012

tate britain

yesterday i went to tate britain.

if you were thinking about spending £25 to look at the turner prize
exhibition i could save you the money and describe it in one word.

i could also describe the members room at tate britain in one word too
if you're interested ?

as ever though, there were some unexpected pieces which caught my eye.
on this visit there were two paintings which i very much liked.
both kind of reminded me of the photoshop skills of my friend benito.

samuel richardson surrounded by his second family.
francis hayman 1708-1776

maybe you need to click on this pic to enlarge it but the faces on each person
here ( even the face of the doll ) looks like it was painted by a different artist
on a separate piece of canvas, then cut out and stuck on a body.
all the faces seem a little bit too big for the heads and the eyes are really big too.
a bit like in modern japanese manga.
all in all this is a really beautiful and interesting painting and well worth
checking out in real life.

the cholmondeley sisters
artist unknown.

once again it looks like the faces ( especially those of the babies ) have been
photoshopped onto the canvas by my friend benito.

maybe i'll dig out some of ben's room 101 archive and show them to you
in 2013... then you'll see what i mean.

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