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Saturday, 8 December 2012

top 20 sneakers of 2012 ( number 18 )

nike air force 1

the year of the dragon 3

i'm no fan of an all white af-1 but these are very nice.
you have to see them close-up to appreciate the details.
dragon scale leather uppers and midsole, ice out and maybe the best heel tabs of the year.


  1. I wore mine saturday, they have grown on me!

    1. how do you rate them from the three year of the dragon releases ?

    2. They are the least desirable however the leather does oooze quality. It's a really tough call but I do place them last. The black ones are my favourite, I love the all black upper, the contrast of the crazy colourful insole against the black and then the leather midsole is a brilliant detail that the other two followed suit with. Should i expect to see yotd 1 and 2 further in the the top 20 or is this your favourite?

    3. i don't want to spoil it for you but...
      i would have to say you have a very good opinion on the year of the dog editions.