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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

leica wide angle viewfinder

it's a long story but somebody ( at one of the most famous restaurants in london )
broke my leica m9 at the beginning of november.

it's still away in germany being repaired at the moment.

the person who broke my camera didn't own up, but that's another story.

the story i want to tell you today is that of the new viewfinder i bought to
replace the one on top of my m9.

the old viewfinder got smashed beyond repair but in taking the main brunt of 
the impact, it probably saved my m9 from even more damage.

my old viewfinder was made by voigtlander. it was a beauty and i thought at the
time that it was quite expensive.

the bit of kit i bought to replace it is made by leica...

as ever, leica packaging is pretty impressive.
as it should be for the price.

here's the new viewfinder on top of my loaner
ok, maybe that's not the best angle

how about this ?
it's a pretty impressive bit of kit right ?

and you know what ?
it is ten times better than my old one.

many thanks to the people at leica uk for all their help dealing with my crisis.

no thanks at all to the people at a certain well known london restaurant.

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