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Sunday, 30 December 2012

footpatrol af-1 30th anniversary display

2012 was a crazy year for the sneaker game.
december was the craziest month of 2012
saturday 15th was craziest day in december.

on that day, nike released 30 new af-1's to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the shoe.

i took my business to footpatrol that day.

i like footpatrol.
it's a very stylish shop with friendly staff and it's close to my favourite coffee shops.

oh and the manager is from wales... what's not to like ?

they had a special display in footpatrol that day.
30 pieces made by a 3-d printer.
30 pieces all to do with my favourite shoe. the nike air force 1.

this bloke came in just after me. he told me he'd made all the pieces
in the display cabinet. all made from a 3-d printer whatever that is.
he explained all about how the pieces were made...

... but it's kind of difficult to explain here.

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