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Thursday, 6 December 2012

funk industry

yes, i really am that desperate in my quest for 1000 posts that i'm 
shamelessly plugging music i've never heard by a man i've never met.

mind you, the music is by somebody who has been following my blog for a long time.
( in fact he was one of my competition winners last year )

 now i'm going to take a break and listen to the music as it just occurred to me that
i can't do much of a post without listening to the music and giving my thoughts...

in the meantime, the name of the band is funk industry and you can listen to
clips from the two tracks on itunes.
( or even buy them for 79p a pop )

ok, i've just listened to the two clips on itunes and here's what i reckon.

track 1: make it funky.
it seems to me that this is a mixture somewhere between an old giorgio moroder
tune from the 80's ( you know, like on the midnight express soundtrack)
and a daft punk kind of tune.
i like it. i think it would be good to listen to while running, and i definitely
think it would be good to play while you're driving on a motorway at night.

track 2: on the edge.
i won't lie. it sounded exactly the same to me.
once again i reckon it would be good to play while running
( maybe while running away from giorgio moroder's lawyers ? )

if i had a criticism or could offer advice...
i would find the second tune a lot more agreeable if it had some film
dialogue samples mixed in there. you know, like b.a.d. used to do.
see also the cops and robbers mix of 'stem' by dj shadow
( which samples dialogue from the film 'heat' )

also a bloke named alan black does something similar mashing up
tunes with film dialogue.

i'm sure it's a bit on the illegal side to sample actors voices and film snippets
but for me it adds a certain something to an instrumental.

maybe a way around this for funk industry would be to come to n7 and
record me saying some of my catch-phrases* and to sample them over an
instrumental track ?

* choose from the following:

flat white please
is there any chance ?
what the what ?!
magic darts !
have you got this in an 8.5uk ?
i"ll do the jokes
leave it
outstanding !
like a boss

and many more.

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