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Monday, 3 December 2012

arsenal v swansea ( enter the dragon )

as you may know, i have an arsenal season ticket.
on saturday the mighty swansea came to town.
i dressed for the occasion in my chuck taylor converse bosey fs boots.

as gooner jeff pointed out, it was "taters" so at half-time i went old school...
and opted for a bovril.

as for the game... arsenal were absolutely disgraceful. their players were booed
off the pitch after the final whistle.

swansea on the other hand... swansea were like barcelona in disguise. not only did 
they deservedly win 2-0, but in a very sporting gesture their players were applauded
off by the arsenal fans at the end. for me it was a great game and a great day.

seeing a welsh team come to town, play well and win... also seeing some of my 
arsenal friends admit that there is something wrong with their team... it was all
a bit of an eye opener. 
in all seriousness swansea played the best football from a visiting team 
i've seen at the emirates in a season and a half.
although it's not nice for fans to turn on their manager, wenger has been on thin
ice for some time in my book*
and surely at the end of the season he will be given another role at the club.
as mr bennett from pride and prejudice might say 
"come along now arsene... you've entertained us for long enough"

after the final whistle myself, gooner jeff, big pat and little pat did a bit of
a post match analysis, then slowly walked towards the exits.
as we did, i spotted a japanese lad with a welsh tote bag.
he didn't speak any english so i mimed "can i take your photo" and he

obviously my next trick was to ask gooner jeff to take a photo
enter the dragon !

well played swansea, well played japanese lad with the welsh bag,
well played gooner jeff.

* "arsene wenger you're on thin ice" by mark whitfield published in 2009

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