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Friday, 7 December 2012

snapshots from lisbon

i was in lisbon a few weeks ago.
i don't have many photos though, as it rained pretty much
non-stop for the whole weekend.

here are a few that i did manage to take.

people outside one of the late-night ginginha bars.
( look out for my ginginha special post coming very soon )

did i mention how much cork there is in lisbon ?
i like cork so for me this was very interesting... to see all the items
they use it for... wallets, pencil cases, handbags, lighters

even baseball caps and those visors that american ladies wear.

beer bottles with aprons and mascot heads.
the dragon of porto, the lion of sporting and the eagle of benfica.

lisbon is where the nata originates.
these were at the very cafe where the nata was invented.
outstanding !

lots of trams in lisbon. 
if you ever go there, you have to go on a tram ride.

a chicken pie in a coffee shop.

i realise these photos aren't showing a lot of lisbon.
i did a post about the city a couple of months back if you can be bothered
typing 'lisbon' into the search bar at the bottom of this page.

what i would say is this. if you're in the uk and you like the odd weekend
away in europe and haven't been... i would very much recommend lisbon to you.

it's almost worth it for the nata, ginginha, and trams alone.

obrigado lisboa.

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