snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

arsenal v wba portrait

why didn't i think of this before ?

bringing together my love of a cheap blog post with my love of... well... me.

from now on i'm going to ask gooner jeff to take a photo of me after each
arsenal home game.

this one was after the west brom game and yes, it's an iphone pic.

thermal t-shirt by uniqlo
cashmere jumper by marc jacobs
destroyer jacket by nike
no.3 jeans by evisu
jordan I's by nike
spectacles by stüssy
gloves by penleton


  1. you look like you are in a particularly jolly mood here mark. the gloves are especially cheery..

    1. yes, i was caught off guard here.
      i put down my light hearted expression to having just listened to one of gooner jeff's jokes.
      the gloves are by pendleton. they are nice and warm. certainly warmer than my skeleton gloves, but yes, the downside is that they look quite cheery.