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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

good dentist, bad dentist.

i know it's not much of a blog post, but bear with me...
i'm trying my best to reach 1000 posts in 2012 and i'm kind of struggling
( as you can see )

i've been sorting out my hampsteads recently and i have what can only be
described as a good cop, bad cop dentist and assistant.

they are both eastern european ladies and our appointments so far have generally
followed this routine:

dentist: ( looking at my teeth ) "you have been a bad boy"

she then pokes at my gums with a sharp stick or something

me: "grrraaaarghh"

assistant: "you are a brave boy"

this is followed by more scraping and poking with sharp things, me gripping 
the handles of the chair so tightly that they are now like moulds for my germans.
further gurgling and "grrrraaargh"-ing from me and more
"you are brave boy" from the assistant.

they then take it in turns to ask me "are you smoking ?"

biting my tongue i answer "no, but i drink too much coffee"
and the dentist replies "no... no you don't, you are good boy"

i swear there are hidden cameras in the room and i'll be on some cheap-ass
tv show soon.

but still... my hampsteads are getting better and i'm quite good at doing eastern
european accents now.

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