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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

staff meals

i do quite a lot of shoots in restaurants.

my favourite things about restaurants are:

1. getting asked if i'd like a coffee
2. chatting to waiters and waitresses
3. getting asked if i'd like another coffee
4. finding the best place for a self-portrait
5. seeing what the staff meals are like

seeing as most of my ideas for a silly exhibition or book seem to get 
done by somebody before me, i'm thinking about doing a little feature on 
staff meals. what do you reckon ?

here are some staff meals at a place i photographed last week.

sausage beans and chips. good choice.

same again but with a bit of stew, some rice and a boiled egg.
i always like to see rice and chips on the same plate so i'm giving this one the
benefit of the doubt.

cornflakes !
this must be a girl.

good example of teamwork here. getting your colleague to pour tomato
sauce from an industrial size bottle onto a plate containing sausages
and yessss... skill... chips and rice.
excellent !

hmmm... stew, sausage, beans, chips and rice...
full house !

is there any chance ?
my diet is notoriously odd but what the what ?!
2 boiled eggs and 5 jockeys.
sort it out napkin girl.

and no kidding, by the time i put my camera away and got to the back of the queue
all that was left for me was a handful of chips...

excellent !

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