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Saturday, 15 May 2010

armed forces

i met up with the earl of stokes the other day.
he had a present for me...
a very decent copy of the old elvis costello album "armed forces"
i wanted this album when it originally came out, but never managed to get it. 
i loved the cover, and also the fact that there was a limited edition with a free
7" ep, 4 postcards and fold-out sleeve. this is the edition that the earl gave to me.

here it is opened up, showing the ep and the 4 postcards

and here it is when you put the postcards in the corners to make the full image

here's the ep that came with it...
live at the hollywood high.

a few weeks ago elvis costello released another live ep to celebrate
record shop day. only 1000 copies made, each numbered on the back of 
the sleeve. naturally the earl of stokes also managed to snag me a copy.
here it is...

that's perfect... now all i need is a record player.

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  1. The Earl of Stokes15 May 2010 at 11:32

    A pleasure Mark, glad you like it. This LP design was the work of brilliant designer Barney Bubbles - check out