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Friday, 28 May 2010

old prints

i found a few old prints yesterday.

the first one is a photo i took at old trafford a good few years ago.

eric the king

next up, a shot i took in belize city in 1994 of 3 lads. not much of a print really. the shack was really
vivid pink, but it doesn't look it here. hmmm... also, maybe i should have cropped off the right hand
side so the whole of the background would be pink ?

naturally i found a couple of prints of myself.

this was in seville where i tried out the obstacle course on the camel trophy
international selections prior to the event in mongolia 1997

and this... my mate chris took this. i reckon it was about 12 or so years ago

this was before i started getting platinum highlights put in my hair !

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  1. I think theres a touch of the sean hughes in that photo, is sean welsh as well?